TWICE Lights Up Philippine Arena with their 2-day ’Ready to Be’ Concert

Ready to Be

Bulacan, Philippines – South Korean girl group TWICE returns in the Philippines for their ‘Ready to Be’ Manila concert at the Philippine Arena on September 30th and October 1st, 2023.

Ready to Be

As a dedicated ONCE for over five years, my heart still races and tears of joy fill my eyes as I reminisce about the unforgettable two-day concert that illuminated the Philippine Arena in Bulacan.

For many ONCEs like myself, this concert had been a long-awaited moment since their Twicelights Manila performance in 2019.

When the girls returned to the stage, they delivered an electrifying performance that brought tears of joy to ONCEs.

The moment the arena lights dimmed and the “Ready To Be” VCR played, the girls appeared at the center of the stage in a breathtaking manner making the Filo-ONCE erupted in cheers, shouting the names of their biases.

Some, like myself, were left awestruck and unable to speak as we witnessed their flawless live performance. Meeting TWICE for the first time was a dream come true, especially for me.

TWICE kicked off the night with electrifying performances of their chart-topping songs, “Set Me Free” and “I Can’t Stop Me.”

Nayeon, delivered a show-stopping performance during “I Can’t Stop Me.”

Chaeyoung’s part, “risky, risky, 위기 위기 this is an emergency,” was met with a chorus of ONCEs singing along. (Wishing Chaeyoung a speedy recovery!)

Following the explosive opening, TWICE introduced themselves with their iconic “One in a Million, We are TWICE” chant.

Dahyun even sprinkled in some Filipino words like “Baliw,” reflecting the incredible excitement in the arena. The setlist included hits such as “Go Hard,” “More and More,” “Moonlight Sunrise,” and “Brave.”

Jihyo’s vocals left an indelible mark, making her the bias wrecker for everyone that night.

Before the solo stages, members Nayeon, Jeongyeon, and Jihyo interacted with ONCEs, singing and dancing a snippet of “Doughnut” and encouraging the audience to sing “Hare Hare” as they left the stage.

The solo performances showcased a wide range of talents. Dahyun showcased her piano skills and beautiful vocals with her rendition of “Try” by Colbie Caillat. Tzuyu showcased her mature side with her rendition of “Done for Me” by Charlie Puth. Momo amazed ONCEs with her powerful dance and pole-dancing solo. Sana and Mina thrilled the audience with their highly anticipated cover songs.

Following the solo stages, TWICE performed “Feel Special,” “Cry For Me,” “Fancy,” and “The Feels” with a live band, injecting boundless energy that kept ONCEs shouting and singing along.

The unit stages continued with Jihyo’s captivating performance of “Killing Me Good,” which left us all in awe. Jeongyeon brought smiles with her soothing rendition of “Can’t Stop the Feeling” by Justin Timberlake.

Nayeon closed the solo stages on a high note with her performance of “Pop!” That took the song to another level.

The third act included their popular songs, such as “Queen of Hearts,” “Yes or Yes,” “What is Love?,” “Likey,” “Knock Knock,” “Scientist,” and “Heart Shaker.”

During the event, the girls had fun dancing to Jeongyeon’s solo stage. They continued with “Alcohol-Free,” “Dance the Night Away,” and “Talk that Talk.” A mellow part of the concert followed with “When We Were Kids” and “Crazy Stupid Love.”

During the encore, TWICE delighted us with “Queen of Hearts,” “BDZ,” and “HOT.”

The encore segment was a playful and heartwarming moment, as the girls were amazed by the lively candybong wave created by ONCEs and the resounding cheers.

Ready to Be

As the girls exited the stage, Jihyo and Tzuyu stayed behind to share hearts and waves with ONCEs, leaving us with cherished memories.

This concert truly ranks among the best, featuring a myriad of songs, powerful vocals, mesmerizing dances, stunning visuals, and a beautiful discography.

TWICE delivered it all, proving once again that they have it all. Until we meet again, our beloved girls!

Event is presented by LiveNation Philippines.

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Photos from JC D. Parducho and TWICE Official page.

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