Kim Seon-ho Illuminates Manila with Color+Full Tour Experience at Mall of Asia Arena

Kim Seon-ho

Our Good Boy, Kim Seon-ho, is back

Manila, Philippines – The vibrant and charming presence of Kim Seon-ho filled the Mall of Asia Arena on April 13, 2024, as the adored actor delighted fans with a memorable experience during his 2024 Kim Seon-ho Fanmeet Tour in Asia <Color+Full> in Manila.

During the captivating two-hour event, Kim Seon-ho engaged fans with a delightful array of games, heartfelt chats, and captivating performances.

Setting the stage aglow with his self-composed song “Miracle,” which he also contributed to writing, Kim Seon-ho shared with fans the backstory of his Asia tour’s title, a nod to the diverse colors of life and his desire to share those moments with his fans.

The first segment of the fan meet delved into Kim Seon-ho’s personal reflections, including the meaning behind his name, which signifies being both generous and courageous. During the discussions, fans were asked to suggest English names for the actor.

Amidst the fun discussions, Kim Seon-ho playfully mused on his resemblance to a puppy according to his fans when asked which animal he looks like most, while he personally thinks he looks like a cat. He also expressed a desire, when asked about a superpower he would like to have, to be able to transform into a dog in order to communicate more effectively with his beloved pet.

As conversations turned to travel, the actor expressed his desire for city escapades, meeting new people, enjoying good food, and beach retreats. He also expressed admiration for Pasay City’s theme parks and sunsets.

Transitioning from heartfelt conversations to playful antics, Kim Seon-ho delighted fans by reenacting poses from fan arts depicting his previous roles, photos, and concepts.

The fan meet continued with the actor engaging in games with the fans, such as relay drawings and Filipino tongue twisters.

The event concluded with a showcase where the actor shared cooking tips while demonstrating his culinary skills using UFC K-Style Fun Chow. The actor happily mentioned how the Fun Chow tastes like recipes from Korea.

In a heartwarming finale, Kim Seon-ho was moved after watching a heartfelt fan-made video.

The actor also expressed his gratitude for the unwavering love and energy he received from his fans throughout the event.

As the evening drew to a close, the actor serenaded fans one last time by performing the song “Reason”, bidding them farewell with wishes for a safe journey home.

Kim Seon-ho is a South Korean actor celebrated for his roles in iconic dramas such as “Good Manager,” “Start-Up,” and “Hometown Cha Cha Cha.”

The Color+Full Manila Tour was made possible by MakeItLiveAsia and UFC, marking a memorable event for both Kim Seonho and his Filipino fans.

Event covered by Kenneth Hizon

Photos: Richard Esguerra

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